Afterpay FAQ

How does Afterpay Work?

It is very simple to use Afterpay.  

  1. Select Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.
  2. Follow the instructions once directed to Afterpay’s platform.
  3. You order will ship according to our standard shipping times.
  4. Afterpay splits your purchase into 4 payments, automatically deducted from bank account every two weeks.

Visit Afterpay for info and for Afterpay’s User Agreement :

Returning an Afterpay Order?

An order made with Afterpay can be returned according to our return policy, and you will be issued store credit. Please note your personal agreement with Afterpay will still stand and you will continue to pay any scheduled repayments and/or late fees.

Why Did My Afterpay Item/Order Get Cancelled? 

If you are checking out with Afterpay there may be a processing delay that can result in the possibility of an item becoming sold out if multiple people are checking out simultaneously. If another customer checks out at the same time using another payment method, these orders will take priority. Even though it shows you purchased the item, the item may need to be cancelled.